The International School of Catalunya (ISCAT) invites students aged 15-18, eligible for Years 10/11 and Years 12/13 to live in our unique boarding facility and study at our school following the British Curriculum. Boarding at ISCAT promises to be a very unique environment where students are immersed in and can enjoy learning experiences 7 days a week.

ISCAT Boarding encourages individual development, learning to become independent, learning to collaborate and give your best, and to communicate effectively across cultures. The extended day gives our boarding students both time and opportunities to try new things or pursue established interests.

ISCAT Boarding facilities are exceptional, offering a safe, caring and personal ‘Home from Home’ to our international students, making ISCAT Boarding the premium international boarding facility in the Barcelona region.

With central Barcelona just 30 minutes away, boarding offers ample opportunities for our students to stay active in their free time. Whether you like swimming, sailing or football, architecture, fashion or design or even want to experience the famous Mediterranean lifestyle with its beaches and cuisine – the options for our boarding students and families to enjoy their time with us are endless.

Registration is now open for the new school year starting 3rd September 2019.