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offers classes in English during the school year.

The ISCAT Academy follows the same philosophy and principles of learning as ISCAT school, and therefore places emphasis on the emotional and affective aspects of learning.

Based on recent studies regarding the learning process in both children and adults, ISCAT Academy offers a differentiated programme which meets the needs of individual students and allows them to understand and assimilate the content of the material which they are studying.

We work on the first principle that if a student is learning about science or history, literature or current affairs in English, then he or she will be successful in learning English as an additional language.

The second principle is to provide opportunities for children to learn English in the same way as they learn their mother-tongue – through interaction, expression, speaking and listening.

Adults and children alike, with some knowledge of English benefit from the same methodology but the cognitive and intellectual level of the adult demand that they have some knowledge of the structure of the grammatical structure of the language.Therefore, the ISCAT Academy student will all be involved in activities which stimulate interest through communication and expression.

In this way, we work in a different way to traditional methods of teaching language, where students are often involved in repetitive exercises guided perhaps by non-native teachers and the emphasis is largely on grammatical structure and its usage.

ISCAT also organizes Summer School each July where students are fully immersed in the language. Teachers are native speakers of English and activities are play-based. Our Summer School is designed for both our own ISCAT students as well as students from other schools who wish to improve their English. (For further information please see ‘Summer School’).

Further information can be obtained via the intranet or through the school office (

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