Curriculum - Key Stage 1
iscat nursery

Year 1: In Year 1 we are 5, turning 6 years old and the world of literacy is opening up for us as we begin to formally write letters, and link sounds spontaneously to them, allowing us to write our own texts using 'invented' spelling. We practice writing daily and do many word games and activities, sometimes using our class electronic whiteboard, to help us make sense of print. We begin taking home little reading books to share, and are very proud of our growing vocabulary and increasing fluency in English.

In Mathematics we begin to develop the concepts of addition and subtraction through concrete activities, and begin to transfer these concepts to paper. For our teacher, our understanding of what we are doing is most important, and we have a wide range of manipulative material available to us to help us to consolidate our learning and be able to apply our new skills in a range of contexts.

Year 2: In Year 2 we are well on our way to consolidating our literacy skills. We are excited about writing and know that writing exists for different purposes and for different types of audience. We write every day and our teachers are careful to ensure that we have a sense of 'ownership' of our work. As we gain confidence, we begin to use simple editing techniques and basic tools, such as the dictionary. We are reading with increasing independence and love to take books home to share. Our units of enquiry provide a springboard for our literacy activities and reinforce our growing understanding of the world around us.

In Mathematics we continue to extend our knowledge of numbers, shape and space through investigations. We work comfortably with numbers to 99 and are developing a solid understanding of place value and the base 10 concept. Our ability to explain and articulate strategies is growing and we can connect our knowledge in a range of contexts.

Most of us have our seventh birthday in the course of Year 2.

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