2015 IPC Athletics World Championships

2015 IPC Athletics World Championships

On the 28th of September and the 5th of October, the students of ISCAT had the privilege of having a special guest in the assembly. Martin Parejo, a Paralympic blind athlete came to speak about his life, his projects and how he has overcome every single obstacle he had.

All the students were really excited and happy to have Martin among them. They listened carefully to the words of Martin and Tim Stewart, our P.E. teacher. There was a lot to learn through their experiences. But there were three main aspects Tim wanted them to keep in mind. Firstly, we need to appreciate and enjoy what we have. Secondly, it is so important to always do team work; it is much more effective than working alone. And last but not least, we should not give up when problems and difficulties come up, if Martin can face his difficulties, we can too.

The students already knew a little bit about adapted athletics because they had worked on it with Tim. Some of them had experienced how it was to have lunch without sight, or walk guiding someone ‘blind’. It was a good opportunity to appreciate things that we take for granted.

Tim wanted to do some lessons on that topic because he is working with Martin, as his guide. Right now they are in Doha, Qatar, at the IPC Athletics World Championships. You can follow them at: http://www.paralympic.org/doha-2015. They are competing on the 22nd at 4 pm in the 100 meters, and the 27th at 9.30 pm in the long jump. The final two days they will do the 4×100 relays, this will be on the 30th at 8.35 pm and on the 31st at 4.15 pm.

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