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We did it again! We got to celebrate one of the most fun weeks at school – Carnival Week…

It all began with the Carnival King arriving at school and sharing his rules with everyone. Students and their teachers followed them to the letter – dressing as a profession, coming in pyjamas, creating a funky hairstyle or crazy hat…

Finally, the big day – Friday – closed with the Great Parade.

This year the parade centred around the theme of GAMES. Each class dressed as one of the trendy games if the moment – Lego, Debbie, Pop-It, Podemos cards and Rubik’s Cubes. It was a fun time with colours, music, amazing dances and performances.

Each year, when we think it can’t get any better than this, we surprise ourselves once again.

In Secondary, students competed for the crown for their houses, around the theme of My Favourite Character, coming to school dressed as a fictional character from a book, film or cartoon for us to enjoy yet another Great Parade.

Our congratulations go to Sydney – House winner of the Crown!

After all this excitement, everyone is enjoying this week’s half-term break to the full.

See you back full of energy for the second half of the winter term on Monday 28th.