3D pen printing master class

3D pen printing master class

Last week, Year 10 took part in a 3D pen printing master class lead by Maria,  a professional in the field, whose daughter, Anna, attends Year 2 at ISCAT.

The students learnt how to use the pens and were given stencils to work from to learn how the plastic wire works and the changes it makes as it goes through the pen. They learnt about the different types of plastic that can be used and how some of them are more eco-friendly to use than others.

Year 10 were then given time to experiment and come up with their own designs. They created some 2D designs suitable for jewellry and fridge magnets and others created 3D items such as palm trees and pineapples.

Overall they had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the master class.

Years 7, 8 and 9 also had the chance to learn about the pens and create their own designs last Friday for Day for Change.

Overall a fantastic workshop for our Secondary students!

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