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Article of the month (march): Making Rights Real


Article of the month (march): Making Rights Real

This month our UNICEF steering group has chosen Article  4 – Making Rights Real and to celebrate our students will be engaging in activities throughout the month.
We have kicked started this by supporting Fairtrade Fortnight and learning about how many children in the world are impacted by climate change. A  sample of some of the other activities that we will be enjoying can be found below:
Students will:
  • Learn about the origins of the Convention of the Rights of Child (CRC).
  • Discover which countries in the world are committed to the CRC.
  • Understand that a child is considered to be anyone under the age of 18.
  • Research how many people there are under the age of 18 in different countries – recognising the scale of the convention.
  • Use art to represent a chosen article and how it would look in a fair and equal world.
  • Identifying how their daily lives are impacted by the CRC.
  • Plus many more!
UNICEF – RRS – Article 4 – Making Rights Real 
UNITED NATIONS – SGD – Global Goal 17 – Partnership for all of the Goals

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