Students eligible for Years 10/11 and Years 12/13 (aged 15 – 18) are welcomed as borders. English is the language of instruction and students are expected to have at least an intermediate level of fluency.

We would like to make the admissions process as easy and straightforward as possible. Please read on for information that will help you in the process of applying and registering at ISCAT Boarding.

  • Get in touch with and request an ISCAT admission form
  • Submit your complete application, incl. school reports for the previous two years, certificates, if appropriate (GCSE or equivalent and any other exams taken) and a reference from your previous school
  • If all paperwork has been received, we will set up a meeting or skype interview
  • ISCAT reserves the right to request testing students, according to age and language proficiency
  • ISCAT informs successful applicants, you will complete the registration by transferring your registration fee to guarantee your place and room
  • We will help issuing the necessary paperwork for residency permits and visa, if applicable