‘Caga tió’ and snow at school today!

‘Caga tió’ and snow at school today!

Today at Assembly we celebrated the Catalan tradition of ‘caga tió’. Over the past weeks we have been feeding our ‘tió’ lots of tasty bits to help him grow nice and plump to give us the BEST Christmas gifts, and we were not disappointed! Class by class, we all took a turn at ‘beating’ the tió and singing the song of ‘caga tió’. We were very excited and we all recited our Catalan poems while waiting to see if the ‘tió’ would ‘give’! He gave all of us presents and made us very happy. Although it is not yet 25th December, the ‘tió’ managed to give everyone a gift!!!

Afterwards, we had a special ‘last day’ surprise in the patio – Martina and Annet’s dad brought a special snow-making machine so at ISCAT we don’t have to only dream of a White Christmas!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  Merry Christmas to all…

ISCAT Let it snow 2013

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