Cardboard Challenge 2016

Cardboard Challenge 2016

For the second year running, ISCAT students have participated in what is now a global event – The Cardboard Challenge – in which hundreds of schools worldwide now partake. 

The task, originally inspired by the wonderful short video ‘Caine’s Arcade’, is to foster creativity by encouraging children to create a game – any game – at home from cardboard and other waste material.

All ISCAT students have participated in this year’s Challenge and for days now wonderful, wild and (sometimes) weird creations have been arriving to all corners of our school! Two games have been chosen from each classroom and taken to the gym where throughout the day each class in turn gets to participate in the Day of Play for everyone!

Once again, we are all stunned at the passion, curiosity and creativity with with each child has fashioned their ‘challenge’ and thank everyone who has supported us and them in this fun and valuable project, whose mission is to raise a new generation of innovators and problem solvers!

Photos are available on our intranet. Don’t forget to check them out! (


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