Carnival celebration 2021

carnival celebration 2021

Carnival celebration 2021

For those who have never celebrated Carnival, in Catalonia the tradition is that the week before the Carnival weekend, schools start celebrating by welcoming the King/Queen of Carnival. The King/ Queen gives us the rules that should be followed when we celebrate the Carnival at the end of the week.

Today, Monday 8th February, the Carnival Queen has arrived at our school and delivered her “Sermon” to launch the celebrations and explain the rules of the event.

Rules for Early Years and Primary students

  • Tuesday 9th February: You will come to school wearing your parent’s clothes!
  • Wednesday 10th February: You will come to school in pyjamas but not to sleep!
  • Thursday 11th February: Sunglasses and a funky necklace will brighten everyone’s day at school!
  • Friday 12th February: Time for disguise! The costume parade will take place and the ISCAT jury will award prizes to the class with the best costumes overall.

Rules for Secondary students

  • Thursday 11th February: Sunglasses and a funky necklace will brighten everyone’s day at school!

Students will wear costumes around the theme of WORLD CULTURES but each class will be assigned a different culture. Once again the theme is linked to the Design and Technology Week. Early  Years and Primary students will make up their own costumes at school, and for this purpose, you may be asked by individual teachers to send in specific recyclable materials as well.

On the other hand, each secondary class has choosen a culture/country:

  • Year 7: Oceania: Maori’s culture (New Zealand)
  • Year 8: LatinAmerica (Mexico)
  • Year 9: North America (United States and Canada)
  • Year 10: Asia (China/Japan)
  • Year 11: Europe

During these two weeks before holidays, students from Y7 to Y10 will decorate their classrooms with pictures about Carnival celebration and with the traditional figure of “La Quaresma”.

We wish all the families a happy Carnival!

ISCAT Queen of Carnival


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