Castanyada and Halloween 2020

Castanyada and Halloween 2020

Early Years & KS1

Throughout the week leading up to the Castanyada, our youngest students have been engaged in fun and original activities.  For example, on Thursday we visited the local forest where to our surprise we found that the ‘Castanyera’ had set us to particular challenges which we had to meet in order to find our ‘prize’: a basket full of chestnuts. Thanks to our team work and carefully following the clues, we were able to find in record time.

On Friday, the ‘Castanyera’ came to school to roast our chestnuts. We also made lots of arts and crafts during the day and enjoyed a super Autumn breakfast on the patio, singing seasonal songs with Sara, our music teacher.

Primary Autumn Festival

Primary students celebrated the traditional Autumn Festival on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 spent time in the Malhivern forest where to our surprise Maria ‘the Castanyera’ had set up a wonderful obstacle course for us. Every time we finished a stage, we found a piece of a puzzle. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, we found a special message: There was treasure to be found! Around the forest were hidden four baskets of chestnuts.  We were so pleased to find them all and return to school with our ‘treasure’.
On Friday we began our Autumn arts and crafts activities – making origami leaves, different models and dioramas with acorns,leaves and twigs, Autumn necklaces…  Half way through the morning we all met on the patio to sing the Autumn songs we had prepared with Sara, our Music teacher. After, we enjoyed a special seasonal breakfast. Then we had another surprise! Maria the Chestnut Lady (Castanyera) was at school and roasting our chestnuts for us.  We thank her very much for sharing this special day with us!

Secondary Halloween and Castanyada Festival

Throughout the week, Secondary students gave some time to decorating the classes for the Halloween and Castanyada
festival. They cut out pumpkins , hung up cobwebs and other ghoulish things and made sure that classrooms were all suitably terrifying before Friday!
On Friday, students from Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 went to the forest where their companions from Key Stage 5 had prepared a course for them with different challenges and activities. They also had a space in which to practice the special game which each class had planned previously.  Year 12 and Year 13 played games which involved hankies and balls, as well as practicing their choreography for Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.
In the afternoon we all celebrated, disguised in Halloween costume. We also enjoyed a bake sale with the delicious creations of Key Stage 5 as well as a Haunted House, lovingly (and laughingly) prepared by them as well.  We finished the day with a Photo Call in the gym, so everyone could take away a memory of this special day. After that, we all headed for home, looking forward to this week of rest.
See you all again on Monday 2nd November, after the half-term break!

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