The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-Levels) is the standard British school-leaving pre-university qualification offered by ISCAT throughout Years 12 and 13. This is a two year study programme and is equivalent to the Spanish bachillerato, the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement (US). The A-Levels programme is the springboard to world-renowned British, US and Spanish Universities, as well as other institutions around the world. Students typically choose four subjects, and exceptionally five, in which to specialise.

Subject choices:

Mathematics Chemistry Biology Physics Spanish
Theatre Studies History Economics Politics Geography
Sociology Art & Design English Literature Media Studies Computer Science

Students receive ample guidance to choice of subjects prior to Year 12. In addition, our careers team will provide tailored support and continuous guidance in order to help our students access their course of choice and choose the individually correct path.

Additionally, our school is officially recognised as a Cambridge and Edexcel exam center, therefore our students are able to sit exams on campus.

We have enlisted the expertise of l’Estudiant who are a locally based agency providing the additional support required for students who wish to enter Spanish universities via the Selectivity. L’Estudiant will prepare the students for the exams and support with the UNED application process. This process is additional to the school tuition and can be arranged directly between the parent and L’Estudiant.

News: Open Classes at La Garriga on Thur 7th Feb at 11:00 & Fri 8th Mar at 15:00