Duke of Edinburgh: Assessed Journey


Duke of Edinburgh: Assessed Journey

Last week our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students embarked on their 2 day/1 night Assessed Journey in Montseny Natural Parc!

They certainly had an adventurous journey. Hiking up mountains, along ridges, descending to walk along beautiful small rivers with rock pools. Physically challenging, yet spiritually uplifting.

Without a doubt, Duke of Edinburgh candidates experienced the satisfaction of working as a team—willingly playing to each other’s strengths and staying together to support another.

Building camp, cooking and cleaning is a lot of work after hours on the trail. The team took it on in stride with no hesitation. They certainly seemed to have a great attitude, even when overcoming small aggravations—like not bringing a sauce pan for cooking pancakes. Yes, in good humor they discovered why there is not such a meal as scrambled pancakes.

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