Equipo de Infantil y Primaria



Emma Montgomery


Emma is Head of Primary and also leads both the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Forest School schemes at school. Following an earlier career as a professional dancer and choreographer throughout the UK, Emma gained her BA Hons in Primary Education and Sports Studies from Liverpool Hope University. As her credentials reflect, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors – be it running through the forest, hiking in the mountains with her young family or skiing and snowboarding in winter, and brings all her enthusiasm and expertise to our outdoor education programme at ISCAT.


Will Benson


Will is Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head at ISCAT. He gained his BA QTS and Joint Honours with Theology from the University College of York St John. Having embarked upon his international teaching career in China, and while he still loves to travel, Will has now settled in the Vallès Oriental where he can indulge his interest in home renovation, sports and crossfit.


Brie Edwards


Brie leads Early Years and Key Stage 1 at ISCAT, having gained her Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland, as well as a postgraduate course in Montessori pedagogy. Brie loves music – singing with a cappella group and playing the guitar – and has even had the privilege of singing at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.


Shane O’Connell


Shane is Irish and holds a Higher Diploma in Primary Education from Hibernia College in Dublin. Interestingly, Shane began his career by graduating in Actuarial and Financial Studies at University College Dublin, moving on to take a Masters degree in Quantitative Finance, before realising that his true vocation lay in the Primary classroom. Shane is Year 3 teacher at ISCAT and as a forest-trained professional, helps to run our Tuesday Forest sessions at school. He loves the sport of hurling – a traditional Irish sport which is considered one of the oldest and fastest field sports in the world – and yes, he can solve the Rubik’s cube in under 90 seconds (aiming for one minute!)


Christopher James Dougill


Chris graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Primary Education and teaches Year 4 at ISCAT. Chris’s journey as an educator has taken him to Chile, giving him the opportunity to explore South America. He also brings his passion for Music to the classroom. In his spare time, he loves to play the guitar and sing, and is proud to have busked with the Losbuskers in Chile and Bolivia. Chris’s classroom is very much enriched not only by his music, but also by his keen interest in meditation and Jungian psychology. He is excited about learning Spanish, and also enjoys running his spare time.



Paula Byles


Paula teaches Year 5 and also ICT across Primary. Paula began her teaching career in Secondary, having graduated from Christchurch College Canterbury with a BA Combined Honours in History and Art and Design, and obtaining a PGCE from Cardiff University. At heart, Paula is very much an artist and loves to create in painting and textile, being inspired by forests and nature. She has written two very successful Art and Design programmes for Wolsey Hall Oxford International Online school and her courses are studied by many students all around the world. Paula has taught in countries such Malaysia, France, Italy, Portugal and Belgium and has given many talks on the future of education.


Anna Font


Anna teaches Spanish and Catalan to Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 and received her Primary teaching qualification from the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. She also holds a degree in Environmental Science from the Universitat de Girona. Anna’s driving passion is for nature and the outdoors – which in her free time she loves to share with her daughters (aged 5 and 1) and husband. Down through the years Anna has brought her gardening skills to ISCAT – guiding her primary classes in growing, watering and tending to a wide range of summer mediterranean fruit and vegetables.


Txell  Puig


Txell teaches Catalan and Spanish from Early Years through to Year 4, having gained her teaching credentials at the University of Vic as well as a Masters degree in inclusive education. Her professional and personal trajectory was very much marked by a year volunteering at a school in California, USA, where she formed firm ties and visits regularly. Txell inspires and charms our youngest students by bringing local Catalan culture to the classroom in the form of story telling, music and local festivals, which she helps to organise across the school. In her spare time she loves the outdoors, particularly the mountains.


Esther Cunill


Esther is a teaching assistant at ISCAT, bringing her many skills and happy disposition to all she does with our students. Having studied Culinary Sciences and Gastronomy, Esther runs the ever-successful after-school cooking club and discovered her interest in teaching after working for four consecutives summers as an Activity Counselor in a summer camp in the State of New York. In her free time she can also turn her hand to woodwork and sewing.


Sara Cillan


Sara joins us as Primary teacher of Music at ISCAT. Sara holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with a specialisation in Music and a Masters degree in Music Therapy from ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) in Barcelona. She finished her degree in Munich, Germany where she worked for a year and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a new culture and news ways of teaching and learning. She speaks English fluently, as well as some German. Sara has sung in choirs all her life, and between the ages of 12 and 18 travelled all over Spain and Europe singing in concerts and doing ‘exchanges’ with other choirs. Apart from her obvious passion for music and playing the guitar, the piano and the ukelele, Sara also loves sports – in particular, swimming, running, dancing and hiking – and enjoys watercolour painting and gouache.

Aside from her classes at ISCAT, Sara uses her expertise in Music Therapy to work with Down Syndrome children, and offers music sessions to two-year olds and their families at a music school in Granollers.