Informative Sessions 2020


Informative Sessions 2020

This week we are once again beginning a cycle of Open Classes at ISCAT, which we have been running now for some years with great success.  Open Classes is designed to replace the typical Open Day – common at many schools – where visitors attend on a Saturday when school is closed and have no opportunity to see the school ‘at work’.

At ISCAT, in opening our doors to the public we are both keen and proud to showcase what we consider to be our greatest asset – our teaching and learning!

Participating in our ‘Open Classes’ gives not only our current families but also all interested members of the public the opportunity to visit our Early Years and Primary classrooms to observe teaching and learning in action.  Here, visitors can appreciate how young learners gain independence in their day-to-day development in Nursery and Reception.  Without a doubt, the nature of the activities provided by the teachers, and the specific learning objectives therein, are designed to give young learners autonomy and the opportunity to shape their own learning.  This quickly helps learners build confidence, take pride in their work and increase self-motivation.  It is these three tools which help our little ones acquire some of the most important skills for academic success in the future – love of learning, the motivation to take responsibility for starting AND finishing a task, and pride in who we are and what we can produce.
Our teachers are all skilled in providing our little ones with the exciting learning opportunities which help them grow – and learn to love learning!  Come along and share in this amazing experience yourself –
Open Classes:
  • Early Years and Key Stage 1 (Nursery to Year 2) on Monday 13th January, Monday 10th February and Monday 9th March at 9:30.  
  • Primary (Year 3 to 6) on Thursday 16th January, Thursday 13th February  at 9:30 and Thursday 12th March at 15 .
  • Secondary on 28th February at 9:45 and 27th March at 14:45
Information sessions:  
  • Primary: Tuesday 25th February and 31st March 16:15
  • Secondary: Friday 28th February and 3rd April at 15:00

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