ISCAT Boarding to Open this Year


ISCAT Boarding to Open this Year

After months of preparation and planning, ISCAT Boarding, the new boarding facility for students age 15-18, will open its doors in La Garriga this coming September. We have now started our admissions process, and are pleased with the level of interest in our new initiative from students and families worldwide. Interestingly, one of the most frequent questions we receive concerns the opportunities our A-Level students may have after finishing Year 13. We are happy to confirm that as an accredited British International School, our students are perfectly placed to go on and study in the UK, the US, Europe or indeed Spain. Today,  A-Levels are taken in 134 countries with more than 545,000 subject entries each year. The qualifications are accepted by over 1500 institutions across 78 countries. As we are looking forward to welcoming many new students at ISCAT from the start of the new school year, we are convinced our new Boarding students will strengthen our community further and add the cultural diversity and opportunities which so enrich the ISCAT experience for all our students.

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News: Open Classes at La Garriga on Thur 7th Feb at 11:00 & Fri 8th Mar at 15:00