Our Leadership Team



Noreen Loughman


Noreen, together with Alan Roberts, founded the school in 2007 and has over 30 years experience in international schools in Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She holds a Masters Degree from the United Kingdom in Primary Education, specifically in curriculum design and developmental psychology. At ISCAT, Noreen has brought together the best of her professional experiences abroad. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that when a child feels valued and recognised for what he or she can personally offer, they become fully open to the whole experience of learning, self-acceptance and self-esteem are raised, and consequently better decisions are taken in choosing their personal path through life. ISCAT’s values-based programme, balanced with personalised academic challenge, reflects this vision.


Nikesh Pandya


Nikesh Pandya is the Assistant Director, Unicef Coordinator and Teacher. He believes in an educational system rooted in human values and accessible to all. His teaching and leadership beliefs promote frequent investigations into the self and the affairs of the world around us in order to shape responsible, confident and open citizens of the world. For Nikesh, Philosophy is the tool to encourage both academic and emotional growth for all students as well as providing a stimulating yet rewarding place of work for all staff. He is a keen sportsman who enjoys football, tennis and martial arts. Nikesh’s longstanding commitment to helping others goes back to 2008, when he successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a local blind school in his hometown of Wembley, London. Ensuring that UNICEF principles in raising awareness underpin our activities at our school, has helped to shape ISCAT’s very particular ethos.