OutRight Campaign

OutRight Campaign

This year across all Key Stages of ISCAT our focus is Mental Health.

The impact of the pandemic has been monumental in the mental health of children and adults alike. A common goal for many key charities and medical associations worldwide is to promote awareness of this growing problem.

At ISCAT we are continuing to work alongside UNICEF UK  and their OutRight Campaign to fight against the lack of knowledge and support available. Activities that our students are taking part in include:

  • Reviewing the articles of the Convention of the Rights of a Child and identifying links between particular articles and health.
  • Taking part in physical activities to help to make links between healthy minds and healthy bodies.
  • Understanding what is meant by Mental Health.

In the build up to World Children’s Day, on 20th November, we will continue to participate in this UNICEF campaign in a bid to prove that knowledge is power and the power is in the pack. We stand together, we succeed!

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