ISCAT’s 10th annual Sports Day

ISCAT’s 10th annual Sports Day

Today marked ISCAT’s 10th annual Sports Day! The morning began with the Early Years and KS1 opening ceremony followed by their non-competitive games. These included traditional games such as the egg and spoon race and sack race, along with more modern games such as football shooting and bowling. The children then completed their competitive sprint and long distance races, and were awarded with their medals. They did a fantastic job!

Next began the opening ceremony for KS2 followed by their team games. The teams competed against each other is Dodgeball, Tug of War, Foxes and Hounds and Football shooting. They also took part in a non-competitive fun race! After this, the individual games began with the Pentathlon. Once the scores were all added up our prize winners received their medals. Finally, the team results were revealed with the overall winners being the Red team! The children had a lot of fun and showed fantastic sportsmanship; there was a great atmosphere in the sports hall!

In the afternoon, our Secondary students took part in their own Sports Day. They competed in basketball, badminton, capture the flag and dodgeball, with the winning team being the White team!

Finally, a huge thank you to our P.E. teacher Tim for his commitment and organising this great event.

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