Life at boarding


One of the greatest benefits of boarding is to live and learn within a truly international community. At ISCAT, we have students on board from the UK, USA, China, Russia, India, Denmark, Australia, Hungary and Spain, to name just a few.

The use of English in all contexts strengthens the English language competence across the school and promotes social and linguistic integration.

ISCAT Boarding is a place to study, a place to be active and a place to relax. With Barcelona city centre close by, our boarding students can enjoy all the opportunities the Mediterranean metropolis offers – be it arts, history, fashion, football, the beaches or the outdoor lifestyle. Above all it’s a place where friendships are made and positive social sharing, learning and networking takes place 7 days a week.

Daily Schedule (Monday – Friday)  

07:15 wake up
07:45 room check, breakfast sign-in dining room (all boarders)
08:30-16:00 sign out for school + hot lunch at school
16:30-18:00 after school activities/clubs* either on-site or external
18:00-19:00 sign in homework & self-study (staff supervision)
19:00 dinner in boarding dining room (all boarders)
20:00-21:30 free time in common area of choice (terrace, TV room, snooker & games room, study and/or dining room)
22:00 room check & lights off (rolling, depending on year group)

The weekend schedule differs from the week day schedule and includes many exciting activities and excursions in and to Barcelona, Andorra, Costa Brava and many other places.