? LONDON TRIP – DAY 1 & 2 ?

8th dec. Early start on Sunday. Big thanks to all parents and students for the huge effort of getting to El Prat Airport by 5.30 am. Cheerful atmosphere from the very start and teachers dosing up on coffee to make it through the day! Uneventful flight and very jolly bus trip to the hotel, where we arrived at midday-ish. Rooms sorted out and a bit of downtime for half of the group. The other half joined Scott for a Geography tour at the London Thames Barrier. The non-Geography students had a lovely walk around Covent Garden, which looks stunning with the Xmas lights. Then the full cohort met at a local restaurant for dinner and we were back at the hotel by 9 pm to recharge. It was a long day for all of us!

9th Dec. Our students enjoyed a traditional English breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the Natural History Museum. It was a lovely, sunny day in London. Students were allowed to explore their favourite bit at the National History Museum: the exhibition of the Moon, the dinosaurs, the Darwin exhibit… Loads of choice for everybody!  Quick snack before heading back to the city centre and straight to the iconic London Eye. Fun group pics taken along with breathtaking pictures of London and The Thames.  Chilly evening in London. We made our way to Greenwich where we had dinner reservations at Zizzi’s. Stunning views from the restaurant. Good pizza, ice cream and delicious tiramisu. The emblematic Cutty Sark looked stunning with the Xmas tree decoration. Back to the hotel on a bus to explore the city at night. We couldn’t have missed a red double-decker bus ride!

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