Mas Casablanca (Nursery and Reception)

Mas Casablanca (Nursery and Reception)

Today Nursery and Reception went to visit Mas Casablanca farm in Taradell. As we have been working on animals from the farm we wanted to go and see the real thing! We had prepared lots of questions to ask. We were very lucky to visit this time of year as there were lots of baby animals to see and feed. We got to feed baby lambs and all felt how soft their wool is. We saw a very big pig and her nine piglets. We also met Rita the cow and saw how the calfs feed. We looked at different eggs from different types of birds and saw tiny new born rabbits.

We have really enjoyed ourselves and the fun doesn’t end now. When we go back to school we are going to look at the books which are based on this farm about two mice called Fermí i la Valentina.

Photos will be available as soon as possible on our intranet (

Mas Casablanca

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