‘Nature Patio’ Project

‘Nature Patio’ Project

Some of our KS2 children are currently involved in a ´Nature Patio´ project, using recycled materials and to create a nature focused area in the patio. The children have created designs which they will spray paint onto old tyres and will eventually be turned into planters containing a range of plant life and vegetables. We plan to begin the painting this coming Thursday (1st October) and are looking for old bed sheets/towels etc to use on the ground and walls whilst spraying to ensure that we do not spray the patio walls and floor! If you have any such items at home we are looking for any donations and they would be much appreciated.

Our second project will be to create a mini beast hotel using wooden pallets and old garden bric-a-brac, so if you have any old plant pots, drain pipes, mesh, pieces of wood or anything of which you think could be useful in our project, please speak with Emma, Anna or Richard and we will gratefully take it off your hands!


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