Our first Rights Respecting School assembly

Our first Rights Respecting School assembly

This morning was very special. It was our first Rights Respecting School assembly and we were all excited. Firstly, we discussed what UNICEF is and how it helps to protect the rights of children all over the world. The children were very motivated and showed a great understanding for our ambitious project.

I then announced the children who had been elected as their class ambassador. The children will form part of the first ISCAT RRS steering group. The purpose of this group is to meet and to discuss ways to raise awareness about the difficulties children are facing all over the world. They will also help organise fundraising events and give general support to the rest of the school.

Congratulations to the following children:

Nursery and Reception – Idoia and Leo

Year 1 – Nicolás

Year 2 – Victor

Year 3 – Adriana

Year 4 – Amelia

Year 5 – Juan

Year 6-  Alison

A massive congratulations to all the children who took part!

We would love to share some photos from today’s assembly and also our class charters. We hope you enjoy them!

Until next time,

Nikesh Pandya

Rights Respecting School Coordinator



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