Sant Jordi 2015

Sant Jordi 2015

Sant Jordi is coming around once again and as you know, the Volunteer Committee is organising refreshments for all on Friday 24th April. This year we would also like to organise a Book Fair.

You almost certainly have books (for adults and children) at home which you are not interested in keeping…. and which could be of interest to others. Therefore, we would ask you to please donate as many books as you can to school before Tuesday 22nd April.  You may leave all books in the boxes located for this purpose in the areas of Nursery and Reception, the entrance hall beside the office in Can Fages, and also the entrance hall in the Manuel Raspall building.

On Friday 24th we will set up a stand to ‘sell’ the books for a low price.  All benefits will be donated to the school library fund. Books not sold, if suitable, will be given to the library. Adult books will be given to Caritas or similar charities.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

ISCAT Sant Jordi 2015

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