School Council

School Council

Dear parents,

Please find herewith a letter written by the ISCAT School Council members in order to inform you about who they are and what do they do at school:

School Council is made up of Mireia (Year 6), Èric (Year 4/5), Ana Sofía (Year 4/5), Paula (Year 4/5), Iryna (Year 3), Nicole (Year 2) and Pol P. (Year 1). We are in charge of making our school better and better everyday and we try not to have bad things. At the beginning of the year we had the great idea to start recycling at school. We made some labels and boxes, which show all the boys and girls from our school what they are supposed to do and we put one of them in each class. We also took some photographs of ourselves showing everybody how to keep the toilets clean and tidy. We hung them in our school toilets so everybody could help us to have a better school. 

We keep working with great new ideas, which we come up with and also we ask everybody to help us to improve, make changes and have the school how they like. 

Hopefully we will always be improving!

School Council

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