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Student Council: bake sale!

Student Council: bake sale!

First Student Council event of the school year was a great success!

The idea of the bake sale was brought up in a meeting between the student council members.

They organized it over 3 weeks and every member had a part to play, some were going to bake, some were going to organize a display and advertisement and some had the job of talking to their respective teachers about the matter.

They were very happy with the outcome. Everything went smoothly and everyone respected the measures we had to take due to COVID-19. It was a fun experience for our community as the first event of the school year.

Furthermore we raised 88,63€ at the event, a great success for a first bake sale involving the entire school community. Now after counting the total amount that the council earned we actually have 133,31€!

The council will spend the money on the following: firstly, they have planned over these weeks to buy paint to paint the walls of the A Level‘s common room. In addition, they are also buying rock and movie posters to decorate, and some shelving for coffee and tea cups.