Tió and Christmas Jumper Day


Tió and Christmas Jumper Day

Last day of school for 2019!  Primary students follow the Catalan tradition of Caga Tió.  Strange as it may seem, this  means “Pooing Log” in Catalan and is the basis of one of the world’s most unusual Christmas traditions. Really, it’s just a log which we hunt for in the forest. Some additional pieces of wood serve as hands and legs. With a red nose and large  eyes, this mystical and magical figure wears a hat called a ‘Barretina.’ Since 13th December at the start of the 12 days of Christmas, ISCAT students have been taking care of him  by feeding him and keeping him warm with a blanket.

At today’s Primary assembly, the children will chant a traditional rhyme at the Tio, encouraging him to ‘poo’ presents. Much to the surprise of the children, when they lift the blanket they see how the presents have arrived!  Our littlest students have been carefully tending to the Tio over the past weeks.  Every day after snack and lunch, they have been careful to give him their bits of orange peel and leftovers.  We know that a nice plump Tio will yield great gifts!

The last day of school is also Christmas Jumper Day…this silly custom has now become something of a tradition in the UK.  Everyone wears a Christmas jumper and brings 2€ for a charity – the sillier the jumper, the better!  At ISCAT our chosen charity for Christmas Jumper Day is the Children’s Cancer  Research Fund, at the Sant Joan de Deu Children’s Hospital in Barcelona.

As one of the most important paediatric centres in Europe, SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital promotes both basic and translational research in prenatal and child health. We are proud to be able to make a difference, however small, to the lives of the many children struck down in childhood by serious illness.

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