UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

Today at ISCAT we dedicated our school day to the Unicef Convention on the Rights of a Child. This involved our whole school including our teaching staff, Primary and our Secondary school.

Here’s what we did:

Primary – Early Years and Key Stage 1

Article 1, 13, 29 and 31

In Nursery/Reception and Year 1 we have come together to join in with Free Play activities making a choice based on our own interests. We have also been exercising our right to freedom of expression through drawing and role-play.

Article 1, 13, 28 and 31

In Year 2 we have worked together to take photos representing the rights displayed in our classroom. We also watched a video about the UNCRC and discussed it. We then read a story about our feelings and what makes us happy, sharing our ideas with each other. We have also been painting pictures representing our rights.

Primary – Key Stage 2

Article 1, 12, 28 and 31

In Year 3 and 4 we created an information poster, which showed, in pictures and captions, what some of the rights mean and how we can respect them. The children worked in groups and shared their ideas on the best ways to present the information, exercising their right to an opinion – Article 12. Children had the opportunity to share their poster with the class at the end of the session. They have also completed a number of challenges, which they have chosen individually, in Numeracy, Literacy and Science. They have also had time to relax and take part in activities, which demonstrate the safety of children such as, building shelters from Lego to protect children from extreme weather conditions.

Article 1, 28, 13 and 31

In Year 5 and 6 the children completed a special project. They created a memory game for all our Primary students to share and enjoy. The game was based on the articles as outlined in the convention and it provided the perfect opportunity for the children to investigate their rights and how they impact on their own lives. This game will now be played by all teachers in our next meeting as a way to help us understand in more detail, how our students interpret the convention.

The children then enjoyed their right as per Article 31, by playing their games in a competitive but fair spirit.

Secondary – Key Stage 3 and 4

Article 29

“Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.”

Today at ISCAT our Secondary students have had the opportunity to discover and develop new skills through a variety of workshops with a focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child (particularly article 29). We have had music, juggling, sport and philosophy workshops intended to help students practice new skills where they will have a chance to demonstrate their new abilities to an audience at the end of the day.





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