Winter Appeal

Winter Appeal

Syria is one of the most dangerous places to live for a child after 5 years of turmoil and conflict. In their thousands, children have lost lives and virtually every aspect of their childhood. They have lost classrooms and teachers, brothers and sisters, friends, caregivers, homes and stability. Instead of learning and playing, many have been forced into the workplace, are being recruited to fight, or subjected to enforced idleness.

As temperatures are dropping by the day, families face the threat of freezing winters in a tent. Thankfully, Unicef  provided children with warm clothes and safety last year. However, this year more help is needed as families once again face the threat of a freezing winter.

We hope to not only raise money, but to unite our school community against the injustice faced by the children of Syria. There will be lots of stalls designed to help raise money and empower our children into active global citizens. 

We have decided to continue with the enterprise approach due to its success last year in teaching our children basic business principles. Therefore, each class will design and manufacture a product that will be sold at the merienda. They will run their stall as a company and they will be responsible for the money they raise. Their teachers will provide support only when needed. 

I would like to take this opportunity to that you all for your generosity in advance. 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 16th December.


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