Secondary Winter Show – The Addams Family


Secondary Winter Show – The Addams Family

Congratulations to all our Secondary students and staff for their amazing production of The Addams Family.  Family relatives piled into the Patronat Theatre in La Garriga yesterday afternoon and were left in awe at the talents of our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students.  From the many years of almost professional productions from Primary through to Secondary the absolutely stellar performances of the cast, the dance routines, the set, the lighting, and the superb voices of characters Morticia and Wednesday revealed not just the long hours of practice in putting yesterday’s performance together, but also the accumulated years of practice at ISCAT.  Practice makes perfect and it was a joy to see even some of our more recalcitrant performers out front and giving it their best!

The list of credits for The Addams Family is long, as it involves not just those we see on stage, or our excellent Director and Drama teacher, Nelly Alfandari, who produced and directed the show. Erin Stuckenbruck, ISCAT Mathematics teacher, choreographed and co-coordinated the music. Xavier Maroñas, our IT teacher, helped produce and edit the excellent and funny video clips, filmed on site with the students at ISCAT, which provided a most interesting backdrop.  Xavi also co-ordinated the stage technicalities with music and lighting.  Similarly, the many changes of set yesterday were down to the hard work and long hours invested by Art teacher Saffron Toms. Of course, the commitment and enterprise of staff was fully supported by all our Key Stage 3 students,  who managed to combine a gruelling schedule of end-of-term exams with show rehearsals over the past weeks.

After every ISCAT performance every one spends days talking about the costumes and yesterday was no exception. Huge thanks go to Year 9 parent Yolanda Ariño  who year after year designs and makes the most stunning costumes.  Yolanda is not alone in her efforts and is aided and supported throughout by a loyal team of parent delegates who dedicate countless hours to designing and sewing, organising fittings with students and coordinating with the stage director.  Thanks to them, our stage wardrobe at ISCAT now holds some truly wondrous works of art!The professional stage make-up yesterday was also brought to us by Year 9 parent, Cristina Ramón and, itself a work of art, complemented perfectly the beautiful costumes.

At ISCAT we firmly believe that every student deserves the opportunity to fully develop their artistic side and we are extremely proud of our long tradition of first-class shows.  We have to admit that having two members of staff on board who are ex-theatre professionals gives us slightly the edge, and all our students have benefited enormously from their expertise down through the years.  Fortunately, our video man Marc Camps was again on hand yesterday to record and produce the digital version of The Addams Family. For those of you who couldn’t make it, this will be available to you in the new year, for you to witness first hand how ISCAT leaves Broadway behind…..A very merry Christmas to all!

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