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School Lunch


School dining room service

The ISCAT school dining room service is available to all students. Two separate dining rooms are currently in use: one for Early Years and Key Stage 1 students, and the other for the remaining Primary and Secondary students. In both dining rooms students eat in turns, according to class groups.

ISCAT students have two options: to avail of the school catered lunch service or alternatively to bring a packed lunch from home.

Our daily menus are prepared by a small home-style catering company in La Garriga, with all menus being supervised by a qualified dietician, to guarantee a balanced and healthy lunch each day. Students with specific dietary requirements, allergies or food intolerances may request a special menu adapted to their needs.

School staff take charge of lunchtime supervision in both dining rooms.

The monthly menu is available on the intranet of our web page.


Use of the dining room is charged monthly and is not included in the tuition fee. Occasional use of the service may be paid for on the day, and in this instance lunch should be requested by calling the school office before 9:00 the same day.

ISCAT reserves the right to apply a small charge for use of the dining room to those who bring packed lunch from home. This covers supervision and use of appliances.

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