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As part of our Religious Education programme, this term we have been focusing on Special Places. In order to mark World Religions Day in our assembly this week, each class produced a video explaining a special place for followers of different faiths. Year 1 told us all about gurdwaras, their special flags and kitchens. Year 2 told us about churches and special events that take place in them. In Year 3’s video we saw all different kinds of mosques. Year 4 taught us about Buddhist temples and what you have to do when you are inside to keep the atmosphere peaceful and thoughtful. Year 5 told us of a centuries-old city that is particularly important to many Hindus, and Year 6 told us many fascinating facts about the country of Israel. We also discussed a little bit about why it is important to know about different faiths and cultures.


The videos will be available on the intranet next week!